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Related article: Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2004 March 06th EDT 16 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 7 Brother 2 Brother n By Michael Martell CHAPTER 7: MOHAMMED n " Mohammed, we need to make that decision today. " the person said that the new Vice President of Talent for XWF. One type s the name of Duncan Davis. When I got the call from my agent that James Miller, The owner of the XWF wanted to meet me, I thought I would fly to XWF based in California. But instead of going around the mountain Mohammed , the mountain, this time came to Muhammad in the form of James Miller , Davis and his Preteen Underage Lolitas son Duncan Duncan Davis, Jr. and attorney Miller whose name I do not know. Of course I have not come to the meeting alone. I brought to my agent and Sonny came to support. The meeting took place in the colonnade, which was one of the most chic of the restaurants in town and was known for his private dining room is rooms. The seven of us fit nicely into a private dining room Miller had reservationsved for the occasion. A year has passed since I had actually saw Miller and I found a little older. It seemed that s I was tired and ready to retire. He had a great Preteen Underage Lolitas respect for Miller n what he did in the business and everything he had done for me. This Duncan Davis and his son, I did not know, and though his son is not impressed me as n othing but an idiot, his father rubs me the wrong way from the the time it I met her. When you get to meet the call from Miller, Sonny told me about it and in this character filled me Duncan. "Personally, I think it's a total ass," Sonny said. "Miller brought him on board six months and has all the changes in the instead. Miller seems happy with him and what he does. " " So, why I wanted to fly here to meet me? " I had asked. ", I said, they have their eyes on this other guy, but I want to to plan what you do. " This scratch my chin. Miller never expecteda fighter to make an n before making your decision. Something was wrong. So I'm here to be about what he planned to do and asked if he intended to return and said to tell you now. Miller I turned to face me. " Miller, what 's the hurry.... I mean I'm not against my contract clause of personal time that I have never exercised... " " in fact, Mohammed, "interrupted Duncan: " We can not wait for to decide when they are ready to return to " " is Mr. Moyenda to decide when he returns, "My agent jumped directly.. in it did not play when your customers. "His contract clause gives you the luxury of taking this decision, unless over two years and gentlemen, it was two years. " " But the fact that there just waiting for him to decide. "shot Duncan back to it. " Well, you can have. " " hell is not even hurt. " Duncan 's face was red. Vi Miller, who seemed amused by all this. ", but his sonmy client was injured and have free time to spend with him. "My officers said. I could say that Duncan was going to say anything stupid. He did not want, but it was his son. " A year is a long time to overcome a minor injury. "Duncan Jr. said. My head flew his direction, and as my eyes glazed over the world, Duncan also realized Sr, Jr was shot just above \\ \\ n " My son," I try not to growl, but not good for him: " I ​​was in a car accident was for a... Unconscious, "I have not heard, I explain what these guys. I went to Miller, as Davis yet s exists. " Miller, what's going on ? What is this? "I asked. " This is business. "Mr. Duncan interrupted and I wanted to do that was the last time. " You know what, my lord. "I said quietly but firmly: " I do not know n therefore, if you have something to say, say it to my agent. "His face blushed again. I was so happy that I have a new friend. " Mo "Miller said lastTalking about. "How does Jamal? " He asked. " is much better, thanks for asking. " I said. " Glad to hear it. Jamal is a good boy. I had a hell of a fighter who day. " Miller laughed when I smiled. "Look Mo, I know I want to be of her son as I know, I really do not need to struggle for all more. " Miller leaned closer to me. "But I know you miss it and I'll tell Sincerely, fans happens to you, me and the guys in the locker room. Right Sonny? " Nodded Sonny head. "True, Mo. will be missed by all. " One thing is to feel that everyone misses you, but to listen. That over and I miss the kids and fans. I looked at Sonny and then my agent. I could say that they support any decision made, I n. I turned to Miller. " I have to give my decision now? " I asked. I could feel Mr. Duncan nodded, but Miller smiled. "I understand , you have to think about your son. " Miller took a sip of iced tea \\ ​​\\ n tea. Preteen Underage Lolitas "It would be nice if you could get a decision within a week. " extended my hand to him. " I'll give you a call and a decision morning. " Miller smiled:" That's all I can do what I do. I will take your call. " I shook hands with Miller after everyone left. If Sonny and I went home Jamal Kei and basketball play. It both were covered with naked torso with sweat. they seemed to play hours, probably had. I saw them play and I like watched, I saw my son was always a man. no need to float about him every minute of every day. has been a year since the accident almost drove him away from me, but God spared his life and gave gave us the opportunity. was hard to believe that the boy, sorry me, young state was playing ball in a terrible car accident and had fallen into a coma. I admit that after the accident that Jamal babied n but I 'm afraid I'll lose my son, and I did not wantviolated over again. But I can not be there all the time and I can not protect in a box and to the world. And I had to go back and do what I loved one. It was time to return to work, it was time to return to the ring n and again on the road. I saw Kei, control of the ball, made a mad dash for the goal. Jamal was right to try him, the shot that went Kei block. It was like an elegant bird Kei, the air was willing to do a slam dunk, but out of nowhere and blocked as Jamal him with a blow of his great hand. The ball went crazy and moved in three steps and had Jamal control over them. But Kei was there and he would not make it easier. that continued as a panther Jamal, but Jamal fake left, then right and then made ​​a motion to the left again. Kei made ​​a motion to lock and turned Jamal and put his right and behind Kei and the Court has been n again with Kei on his heels. This time Jamal took on the air for a layman Kei went to the bLock him in the air and switched the ball to Jamal back n and to return again and put the ball in the basket. Now, I 'm not a big basketball fan , football, boxing and wrestling, of course, your pocket. However, had to admit that Jamal had some real basketball talent. Could it be, Jamal Moyenda could be the next Michael Jordan? I moved my idea of ​​the game sounds and Kei Yamal horse in basketball patio. Kei had grabbed in a headlock, but my son, Jamal, like true The son of a professional wrestler, came out of the headlock and invested in Kei. But n Kei, the son of a professional wrestler, Jamal hitched at the waist and went to pull it down and it was then that is the unthinkable happens, Jamal was basketball shorts down instead of n is so revealing all sides of Jamal, I in powder form as he was a baby. Jamal quickly pulled his shorts. " Yo Man ! " Jamal spat, "You got that shit on purpose! " Kei holding yourBelly laugh, but I realized that my son saw humor in it. " Yo man, shit is not funny! " Jamal broke. Kei still laughing, and the storm clouds were on the face of my son. " Stop laughing man ! " Jamal said, and when he sat Kei something I had never seen my son do it, pushed him and pushed him Kei hard. So strong that Kei and hit the ground with a thud to feel. " mothafucka ! " Kei shouted, as he stood up and charged according to my child. Sonny and quickly went to work as apart of our two children n struggled, but not slapstick. " Kei ! Jamal!Enough!" I said, as Sonny and I met. Sonny Jamal took Kei and grabbed me and pulled them apart and then got between them. "Enough! " Jamal Kei and breathing hard and panting as they did battle Award. " I think basketball is the end of today. " Said Sonny. "Both n in your room and go chill out. " I nodded. Jamal turned to me withThat Preteen Underage Lolitas look, but not know that "Burn down the road, Jamal. " I ordered. They both turned and entered the house to see that both n better to say nothing. Sonny and I went behind them and walked n until we went to the room and sat on the couch. " Boys Will Be Boys," we said in chorus and broke into laughter. We kissed, smiled and kissed her again. We also knew that we n to discuss our children. "Mohammed," said Sonny, as he held my hand, " Do you really think return to the XWF ? " I nodded. "Yes, I really am. I never realized how much I really missed exists until the session. " I knew that Sonny understood what saying and feeling. "We have two small children, an adult needs at least control. " Sonny said. "You are 18 and 19, have to learn to be responsible. " I will be answered. " But that would make someone look at them from time to time, I feel a little better when we are far from a distance orf time. "Sonny nodded. Fifteen minutes later I was outside the bedroom door of my son. I called and even if my home is waiting for me to tell Preteen Underage Lolitas him to come in. when I went to in which he was in his bare feet on the bed wearing only his basketball o shorts, no shirt, and hearing that rappers Infamous. when I looked up home n " Well, what was going on with everything ? "I asked. shrugged. " Nothing father. I have a bit of heat. "It was then that I n heard the bass in his voice. And when I looked at my son I realized that no some of my big-headed boy more. He was always a man and now is time a man speaks to man. ' s Jamal... Son, "he said, sitting at the foot of his bed, where his pedicure feet rested. Pedicured My son had a pedicure. " You can not go for the patience with you. The jails are full of talent wasted of our employees, their heads can overload a better understanding. " " I know, Dad, "said Jamal. " Jamal, the world welive can be good, but some s out there that will judge and respond to hate you because of your color, religious beliefs... " " sexual orientation. " Jamal said, and this has made me. It is true but I did bring my son would be that. We had not talked about it that I'm gay since I was a little guy was. Seemed OK with that, but then n Perhaps had changed. " Yes.. that too. " " Does not that make you crazy, Daddy? "I asked. " Well, my son is not something I'm happy, but... when n of how things are Well, that 's just how things are. " ", but that 's not right, Dad. Sonny and love, right? " I could feel the smile on my face. " Very much. " " But you can not walk holding hands and kissing in public n without someone 'Comin from the mouth to the side. You can not even married. " My son told me is true, and there was nothing I could do but nod n agreement.. " This is not the real father. " " No son, it is not. Since it was not right forone of the r Kei glove. "He told me to put everything back to why I was there. " I know. " " Well, if you know why you do that? "I asked. " Dad, who laughed at me. He pulled down his pants and showed me shit... " I raised my eyebrows. Yamal closed his mouth and check itself. I knew that I will not tolerate profanity when he spoke, to me. " What he did was wrong. I was embarrassed. " " Well, it is possible with this type of violence. "Jamal nodded a little. " You are an adult and I can not do is correct, but I think you know what is right. "He knew, and I , which would stay with him to address it. " I have something else to say,. "Jamal rolled his eyes, and grabbed my right foot and started tickling him. He laughed and kicked and twisted it. " Not bad, Big Head Boy. I had a meeting with Miller. " " you will return to fight? " He was quick to ask. " Yes, I'm thinking about it. What do you think ? " satin bed, feet and legs under beat him. " I think it is n with time. " "What? " " Well Dad, who were sitting around here and it's been nice n to you, Yes but... well, you make me crazy. it is necessary to return to work. "n " you know you're mouth a little smarter. " I said. " But it will be means some changes. With your mother is still doing his rehabilitation, and Kei are alone here sometimes, especially when both Sonny and I have been at the same time. " N " for good, so. " " very smart mouth. we have to go find someone to stay here with you, when we are gone. " n " Dad, we need a babysitter. can we deal with. " no doubt that at all and left the house for a week or so was cool. But sometimes, and I would and could be in the path for two, even three weeks. I know that Miller was working with me, but also my ​​position within XWF think it would be able to maintain a long time and Sonny was definitely push gOing to keep on the path of 3 weeks a month for the next two months, and that is the conservative. "We will discuss this later, I just wanted to know what we know so far s is. " "Daddy 's OK," he said as Infamous ' to rap the end. I stand by the bed and left. My son was always a man. What am I supposed to do. I shook his head to know that the answer is simple, but difficult to do, was for every n and the parents had ceased to be a man. When I left my son 's room and Sonny came from Kei Kei rooms and the direction of my path. The expression on their faces, the two said that is from man to man, from father to son and Kei conversation had been reprimanded accordingly. They stopped me and put his son Sonny n in the side with the elbow. "Mohammed," said Kei looked at his shoes, Sonny picked n him again: "I wanted this to justify what happened out there. I took from home and lack of respect and the son and his kindness and I'm sad. "I looked at Sonny, nodding. Kei looked very honest with s what he said. I put my hand on his shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes of s. It was like looking in the eyes of Sonny. I swear, Sonny had to have the birth of this child, because they were very similar. Sometimes, you the lower right amazing. " Kei, I accept your apology. I know, Boys Will Be Boys and things are heated. But Jamal did not have to lay hands on them, and that s did. in fact... "I called my son's name and Jamal opened his door and left. He saw them and went and Kei Sonny cautious and curious. When he reached me, my son, I was very impressed again. " Yo Man Kei. I apologize for pushing you, false man. " Said Jamal , outstretched hand. Kei accepted. "Nah man, it was my fault. I should not have taken your shit on. " "You aight man. I hope you liked what you saw. " Jamal said. OTR laughed and laughed as they shared a soul brother shake and a hug. then both went to the room of Jamal talks about the latest news about your favorite rapper s infamous and it was as if nothing happens. Sonny and I was as if they were gone. We walked toward each other, and kissed. Our arms wrapped around each other. It felt good. "Parenthood. " I sighed. " is not a bastard. " Sonny said, and laughed and kissed him over again. He turned to me and we had a dinner for you Ali - Frazier. There was also time for me and there would Salah love n Preteen Underage Lolitas done before has been done. I went to the room to be ready. I washed my hands and I like Sonny was talking to me. "Mohammed, I have been thinking. I do not think we need anyone to stay here with Jamal and Kei, when we were away. " " How do you know ?" I asked to finish washing their hands. "You're eighteen and nineteen... " " If you live in a big house without parental supervision. Can, Imagine what would happen ? " He smiled Sonny. " Jamal does not impress me as the type of person. I do not think he knows everything that happens does not want to do. "If n This is a point. But I had never left her alone n Jamal for a long time times and could make a difference. " In addition, they also know, especially starting today, there is a follow-up actions. "Sonny continued. N " Yes, yes, but if something happens. If an emergency. "The memories of Jamal accident while I was on the last street , appeared in my head. " Well, maybe that's what we do, is someone who can, in fact, \\ \\ n an emergency until you 're here. As Eric. The kids like him. " I nodded my head. " Yes, that's something worth talking about. I want to talk, him about it before making a final decision. "I was about to pick up my prayer rug n , but went to Sonny. " Kei What if you have two talking about? " Sonny grinned and shrugged. " I told himnot to raise it to act of a madman, and showed a lack of respect for you and me through their behavior the way it did. Why? " " I was just curious. " " Well, how 's it going with J? " Sonny said. " Everything went well. He said something a... well, I think that surprised a me. " Sonny looked worried. " What did he say? " " Well, I told the judge that in this world, people, of skin color and religious beliefs, and added to the sexual orientation. " " Hmmm, that's weird, I mean, he knows that his gay. He knows that I gay. He knows that Kei is gay. " For me it was. I had no idea that Jamal Kei knew he was gay. No all that he had brought with him. " You do not know ? "Sonny demand. " No, Jamal said he never knew. I never told him because I I felt it was my place. When was that? Check " I asked, trying not to affects the sound. Sonny thoughts on it for a minute. " I think it was the first or second week that Kei was here. Kei said. " " Why do I say? "I said, sitting in bed. Sonny shrugged. " II do not know. I think he meant, Jamal. Keepin ' it is real, as it was. " Okay, what was wrong with that, I mean, Kei says Jamal, what was the n to deal with before, so why the problem was me. No, I knew exactly why it bothered him me. Kei disturbed is as sexual as any young man I ever met and the n thought was that maybe it would be something to try Kei with my son myself. Sonny n joined to me in bed. "Is there something wrong? "Sonny said, " Do you have something in mind? " What I said, surprised me and Sonny. " How did you do when told Kei that was gay? " " Lift Mohammed, do not you think Jamal is gay are you doing? "Sonny n asked. N I shook my head. " I do not know. It's just... Kei come here, I just never really believed, dass " " You say that like you think something may have happened between them. " Yes, I danced in my head. " I do not know. I do not know, I'm overprotective. " " Maybe I should do if you have a request to approach him about it. "Draft Sonny. "Do you want No, I can not. When Jamal is gay, then I suggest you come me with it. I love him, Sonny and I want Jamal to be happy. " Saw Sonny in my eyes. " You say that like it that s wrong if gay. " " No, there is nothing wrong with gay, but it was Sonny, I know I is how difficult it is, man in Africa U. S. gay American, and I do not want Jamal to experience this kind of feeling. "took Sonny my hand. "I felt like Kei told me he was gay. I Honestly, I do not believe that he was gay. I mean, really prayed that was Preteen Underage Lolitas not really gay, but Kei is gay. 's My son and I will love, and n that 's what matters. " I nodded," You know, my mother once said to the n me that God is the toughest and strongest of their children more cargo hard to bear. " " are you telling me that God chose to use this? for Gay? "I request. Sonny shrugged. "I will not say because I do not know, but I know that All you have to be beautiful tougeh, and African Americans to be strong n and gay in America. " I could not disagree. " This shit is da bomb ! " Kei said the last track Jamal CD infamous play. " I know, right. The wine competitions. "Jamal said: " I hope that all clutter this with our shots. " " This is a bit shit. They have always goin 'to the brothas. "Kei compromised. " I know. " Kei got up from the chair he was sitting on was" Hey J? Have you ever smoked? " " Cigarettes ? " " Black, you know what I'm talking about. " " Kei said. " Yeah.. time. My mother and one of his friends had missed some n and I found and tested. " Jamal confessed. N "Do you like it? " Thought Jamal back to that time. He recalled that he was coughing and smoke burning throat, but soon felt fine. "Yes, is aight. " " Now watch this. " Kei went into his pocket and pulled out a together. "The best of the islands of Hawaii. " " Man! Whatcha doing with a joint? " " I'm fighting to burn. Want jome? "Kei offered. N " It's my father would kill me if I knew who smoked here. " Kei shook her head. " Aight, if you're afraid. " " Nigga, I have no fear, but I'm not trying to get into more trouble and not with my father. " " Aight, aight look good. His father has his prayers fight this time and my father does his job. We tip burn in my room and some the trees in Hawaii and no one will know. " Jamal liked the idea. " Aight. We can build on my new Kevy Kev common to hear Killa as well. " " Cool, "said Kei. Preteen Underage Lolitas strong, acrid smoke of marijuana in the room was sweet and repeat the cd rapper Killa Kev Kevy n for the fifth time but neither Kei Jamal still holds, as it put on the bed and laughing laughter when he saw an old sitcom on television. she had smoked two joints n between them and drank from a bottle of gin, which managed to sneak ground floor while their parents were busy. Jamal likes to go to Kei. kei was cool as shit in the opinion of Jamal. if hand met for the first time he knew that s that far along and had no previous incident Despite , but that was nothing. Now they were cold smoke here, and drink. His father would have a fit if he caught it, but it was so bad it. I was not thinking of something that now. It was feel good, very good. Marijuana was working and gin was doing serves. Her eyes red from marijuana and gin, saw Jamal n a Kei, who seemed to drift into sleep. He was laying next to Kei Kei Kei in bed in the room. I could not leave without looking at Kei was beautiful like his father, Sonny, but more so. Suddenly, Kei turned and was looking for Jamal. " Whatcha starin ' at? " Kei said. " Nothing, man. " Jamal said, turning away. "Na -Nah... It was black starin 'at me. Whatup ? " Kei past. "Nigga, I was starin 'at you. " Jamal lied. But Kei is not let him go. Jamal Jamal approached the bed made ​​upand Preteen Underage Lolitas move to the chair at the foot of the bed. "Man, whatup with you? " " No, you were the one I watched. I want to know what were in the search? " Kei grinned when he saw Jamal was always No uncomfortable. "The man Aight, aight my bad. I'll leave. " Kei, as it moved slowly n your shirt in the young and muscular chest bare, with a touch of hair in the chest in them. He did as he was absent chest rubbed his fingers caressing her own dark nipples, her skin pale in contrast to complexion. He acted like I was watching TV, but it was an eye Jamal. Yes, I knew Jamal was ordinary. The time and location of that is true, but I knew it would Kei Jamal. Since coming home from his father Mohammed and had not had sex n to anyone, and it was hot and ready to have some. For Jamal, that things work right and it was exactly what s going to do. Kei felt his Preteen Underage Lolitas cock twitch and slow to grow to life, as he thoughtin Jamal sex, rubbing his chest. Had to adapt to his swelling penis and began a quick look in the eyes of Jamal. Yes, Jamal curious and wanted the cat curiosity so Kei. continued [ The author would like to hear from you. He can be reached at: wyzman34 aol. com]
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